Keep up the Good Work Mojeek

Time flies. I’ve been following the progress of Mojeek since 2018! In 2019 the Mojeek index was 2.3 billion pages. Today it’s close to, what, 8 billion and noticeably fresher than ever before. The algo keeps getting better although it was never bad to begin with.

In the past, it seemed like Mojeek was always ignored when the tech media made those lists of privacy search engines or lists of crawling search engines but that has gotten better because of the hard work of Mojeek staff.

What impressed me the most is Mojeek always stuck to the fundamentals (expanding that index, algo, etc) rather than go for cheap gimmicks like slapping AI all over everything. :slight_smile: And Mojeek just keeps on getting better and better.

More and more, people are taking notice which means you are on the right track even though it seems slow at times. I don’t think there are any shortcuts, search engines have to have the fundamentals sorted first.

My prediction is interest in Mojeek and search in general, will increase due to the various Google anti-trust lawsuits and regulations swirling about and Mojeek is positioned to take advantage of that with a mature product.


I should make a followup on this.

I’ve been looking at my StatCounter traffic stats:

  1. I get traffic from Mojeek. Some weeks it’s more than I get from Google.

  2. More recently my traffic from Kagi has gone way up since Kagi switched to using Brave/Yandex/Mojeek as their search sources. I’m crediting Mojeek for that traffic.

So thank you Mojeek for the traffic both direct and through partnerships.

Aside: I am aware that StatCounter misses recording many traffic referrals so my Google traffic may be higher.


Still sounds like there’s some positive stuff happening here so, even with the aside this is great to see :smile:

The irony with looking at Mojeek referrals is that a lot of people have their privacy levels dialled up which can often mean the referrer is stripped out entirely. The same likely applies for other privacy search engines referrals.


True. And StatCounter won’t see anybody who has JS turned off.

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