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Keeping in mind that Apple just got busted for not deleting old data.

“Recall uses Copilot+ PC advanced processing capabilities to take images of your active screen every few seconds,” Microsoft says on its website.

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Looking at the announcement and the bug I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple joined Microsoft in having constant autosave snapshots as a feature in the notsodistant. I can’t personally see much of a use to this, and can see many downsides :thinking:

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The Copilot+ chip is only available from Qualcomm. And it looks as though Qualcomm has an important lead over Intel, AMD, and Apple: realizing fears that companies must adopt machine learning or lose market share.

But if the “killer app” this enables is taking images of everyone’s screen every few seconds, this is a terrible idea. This is the definition of Big Brother.

It just seems like it doesn’t matter what happens to society or individuals as long as the stock price goes up.

One of the anecdotes I read was that you can ask Copilot+ how to solve a puzzle in a video game. But, of course, you can’t ask who Ned Stark is because DRM content won’t be captured.

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The bigger picture IMHO is that this is a step towards AI on the edge. It’s coming for consumer and corporates. And I don’t mean Edge. Though it will come to browsers too.

It’ll be the way Apple go from being AI followers to AI darlings in media eyes. Nadella probably wanted to get his Recall boasting in before Apple’s WWDC24 on June 10. Boasting should get a roasting and with some tech aware folks it did.