Journalism - Big Tech - Bills in US Congress - September 2022

EFF reported that newsrooms could be better protected and made more
profitable by promoting more digital ad competition by Congress passing the
Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act.

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Do you have a take on the JCPA @mike? I broadly agree with:

it mostly just creates more opportunities for more giants to get involved. Rather than helping small newsrooms, the law could encourage more large corporations to buy up more newspapers, lay off more staff, and replace even more news with click-bait.

I see the issues that newspapers have at the moment with regard to funding and the supporting of quality journalism, but this legislation does not, to me, look to be a cure for that.

I think the quote I gave is the best solution offered in the article.

In the future, the business of journalism will be different. In the meantime, I think it is important to support journalism with the means available.