IPv6 support

it would be nice if you could provide IPv6 support for mojeek.
kind regards

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Welcome @Pentium4User and thanks for the suggestion, we agree that it’s something we should look into so we will.

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Logged in just to bump this thread. Yep, it’s 2022 why no IPv6?

Interesting to see on there how far France has got with this.

It’s a good point and it’s something we’ll look into in terms of workload etc. thanks for raising it.

A few ISPs have made it impossible to opt-out of IPV6. Free did this and and tried to use it in marketing claiming 99% IPV6 coverage. When one ISP does something, the others follow suite.

Competition is good (I can literally call up my ISP and be like, “you guys are expensive, the other guys are cheaper” and they’ll try and do something to keep me on their network.)

There is no reason to opt out from IPv6. There is a huge reason to implement it and shut down IPv4 instead.


Agreed. I believe they (Free) originally had an opt-out option but nobody was opting out.