Interview with the Danish Tech Ambassador

In this week’s episode of The Defender’s Advantage Podcast Threat Trends series, host Luke McNamara is joined by Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen to discuss her role as Danish Tech Ambassador

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Very interesting, working better to align incentives here is a good idea. I do have worries though sometimes when it comes to close relationships between people on the technology side and people on the government side. Revolving doors come to mind, especially given Silicon Valley’s habit of hiring those in positions of power on the government side and then them filtering back when there’s a change of the guard.

I guess if the person in question understands their role clearly and doesn’t fall too much into becoming very pally with their friends in tech then this is not so much of an issue.

Given the choice though, having someone who is talking to tech companies to understand and possibly push back upon the release of things which will have big effects upon the way we live and work is a net benefit.

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