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I’ve noticed that there aren’t many images on Mojeek. The image search is powered by pixabay or Bing. And the gerenal search doesn’t include any images. Not favicons, no images in the Wikipedia Knowledge Graph (or what do you call this)…

Is this a feature or because of a limitation or… ?

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Hello and welcome @Videonas, the Wikipedia box should show images for articles with them, but we have been working on some issues with it - if you have any examples of searches not surfacing a box with image when it should then they’re very useful to us.

On favicons, it’s not super simple to add in, but it’s something we’ll consider for sure; it would definitely add some colour to results pages.

On the image search, would you find more utility if there were more sources? We’ve had that crop up elsewhere before so I’m asking to make sure your requests are logged properly.

On open graph images, in other places these can be seen alongside organic results and sometimes news. It’s possible we could display them at some point but we’d probably want some kind of image adult check before doing that.

@Josh, thanks for the welcome.

I have to apologize about the Wikipedia box. I made a mistake (or did not edit that correctly when writing). That indeed shows images.

About adding sources to the image search → interesting question. Personally, I like creating visual media, but I find that it’s difficult to be found in the free and open internet. If I post on Instagram, for instance, I might find an audience given that I use the right hashtags. Would I choose to not go for big tech solutions, finding an audience becomes a lot harder.

Seeing that you use 3rd party search providers for images, what source would you recommend? Would it be hard to build one yourselves?

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No worries, good to hear!

There are a fair few options which offer a similar service to Pixabay; it’s an ongoing piece of work currently so watch this space, but we’re interested if you have anything you’d recommend.

I have no doubt that the brains we have would be able to do a great job if this was something we focussed on, but it would take away from a bunch of other important tasks. For now we wouldn’t be moving away from third parties for this.

You already have bing in there for general and informative image searches. Perhaps an option using the Google index might be a good addition for variety? If you would use the Google index, I would personally opt for a more privacy-friendly front end like Startpage.

For the searches with the intention of using the image in a project of my own, I usually go for pexels first because I can easily download the images without having to log in.

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