I'm liking Mojeek News

I was searching for a news story the other day and searched Mojeek News, Brave News, DDG News and Start Page News.

Mojeek News was the only one that gave me a unique news search result. Brave, DDG and Start Page news all seem to be getting their news feed from the same source (I suspect Microsoft) because they each gave me the exact same results in the same order.

To me this validates Mojeek’s philosophy of building something unique instead of using an off the shelf feed that everybody else is using. It’s not that the news feed used by others is bad, in fact it’s pretty good, but it’s all the same everywhere you go it’s the same.

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This is a strange occurrence right there. Happy to hear you found it a breath of fresh air :smiley:

The News search is something we’re periodically revisiting, so if yourself or anyone else has comments, omitted sources etc. we’re all ears.

The shocker was Start Page since I was expecting something from Google News and therefore different from the other two but it was the same.

They all looked like an MSN feed of some sort.

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