I like Naomi. she scares the hell out of me

so who’s heard of “netflow data”?

Learn how analyst teams gain an edge with on-demand access to global Internet traffic telemetry.

From closing gaps in visibility to achieving a more proactive security posture, the following whitepaper illustrates how any organization can benefit from on-demand access to Pure Signal ™.

Track through dozens of proxies and VPNs to the origin of a threat.

as if surveillance capitalism weren’t enough, much less the global intel community slurping up all those bits, now we have netflow data!

according to Naomi, Team Cymru (good luck pronouncing that) and the ISP’s are doing bad things, like following people around through their Tor and VPN tunnels and selling who knows what to who knows who for who knows why

i just spotted this chick a few days ago and the more i listen, the more i like what she has to say - she’s quite knowledgeable privacy-wise and she shares her knowledge in byte-size bits which are easy for the nooblet to digest

i’m not sure she’s accurate regarding the nefariousness of netflow data, but i don’t know

she put up her video on 19-May-2022, ISPs Share “Netflow” Data & Trace Traffic Through VPNs, and, wouldn’t ya know it, Team Cymru put up a point-by-point debunking article, Myth vs Fact, a couple months later… and they say some very odd things in it i think

see also…

Hilariously enough I thought I saw Naomi in the first few minutes at the start of the final episode of the recent documentary about Anarchapulco - I cannot be sure, but the woman in question bears a striking resemblance.

:laughing: Kum-Ree

Similar pot but this is for sure worrying, scaring the hell out of myself also.

No matter how much you lock down, it’s always a marathon not a sprint isn’t it :cry: thanks for sharing.

Naomi put Mojeek in her alternative search video and I mailed her to say thanks and chucked her a bit more info.

Very cordial in response too.