HTTP 400 Bad Request

Sometimes when I select a string and search using my browser’s right-click menu, the search string includes a percent-encoded newline: %0A This consistently generates a 400 from Mojeek. For example:

Most other search engines can handle this character. Can Mojeek strip this out and perform a search with the remaining characters?

hey @mike, can I check that this is with Vivaldi, or is it another browser/multiple? I can then raise an issue for it :pray:

Looks like it only happens with Vivaldi.

Peek 2023-09-12 11-24

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I can replicate this on Vivaldi.

When I tripple click to select multiple words (like a span or paragraph) and then right click ans search with Mojeek, %0A%0A gets added to the end of the search string. This results in the 400 error. This is exact what we can see in @mike’s video. When double clicking (to select a single word), there’s no problem.

When I click and drag to select and search using the context-menu, the extra characters don’t get added and the search words fine.

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Cheers all, raised :pray: