Help getting Mojeek added to AdGuard's list of allowed search engine ads

I was looking through AdGuard’s list of sites covered when you disable this toggle
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and noticed that Mojeek wasn’t included in the sites/ads that are allowed when that toggle is disabled. I tried making an issue for it, but I got confused on their required formatting for putting in the suggestion on their GitHub, since I’ve never done anything like that before.

Is there anyone here who’s better at this kind of stuff that’s interesting in giving it a go?

The rules are made as an issue here and the guidelines which I couldn’t really wrap my head around are here.


Their guide to writing AdGuard filters is more complicated than Fedora’s Packaging Guidelines…

I dug into this a bit more.

Useful links:

Normally I would submit a pull request for this sort of thing, but I have never seen an ad on Mojeek. I have no idea what kind of rule i would need to write, assuming I could write it.

Does someone who works for Mojeek know:

a) whether ads have been rolled out yet;
b) what the HTML structure is?

I don’t use AdGuard, but I do use uBlock Origin. I doubt this would affect me in any case.

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Many thanks for looking into this. In response to the above:

a) We ran Mojeek Ads for several months with paying customers. Presently they are not running but we will likely turn back on.

b) They can whitelist ul class=“interest” on the mojeek webpage. That is all that should matter but for completeness here is the code structure:

<ul class="interest">
        <h2><a href="/support/ads/"></a><a href="#">Ad title</a></h2>
        <p class="i" title="Mojeek search text ads"></p>
        <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit...</p>

The fields are the same as on Google and Microsoft search text ads, so ads are easily transferrable.

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Thanks, Colin!

I think it makes sense to revisit this when ads are live. That way, we can test that the filters work (I don’t know about the maintainers at the adguard repo, but I assume that’s what they would say too). Sorry; I just realized this now.

But now that we’ve got the info, it will be easy to submit an issue when the ads are running again.

We ran Mojeek Ads for several months with paying customers.

I assume “paying customers” refers to the businesses advertising with Mojeek?

I’ve been using Mojeek as my default search engine continuously for several years now and have never seen an ad. I would guess these advertisements were only served to seekers from the UK, perhaps?

The Ads were served for a variety of particular countries, and for particular search queries, so unless you intersected with both you would not have seen them.

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