Google Removes 'Pirate' URLs from Users' Privately Saved Links * TorrentFreak

Initially, it was suggested that this removal impacted Google’s synched Chrome bookmarks but further research reveals that’s not the case. Instead, the removals apply to Google’s saved feature.

This Google service allows users to save and organize links, similar to what Pinterest does. These link collections can be private or shared with third parties.


The initial bookmark confusion is likely caused by the fact that, in Google’s app, the saved icon (shown below) appears by default. When clicked, the page in question is added to a “favorite pages” collection, which some people see as a bookmark.

A feature I did not even know Google had. Somewhat confusingly, Google sends the user an email telling them exactly what link they removed from their collection was, so the user can then add the link into another bookmarking system…


Removing private notes seems like a shame.

Though, I’m making the connection to social bookmarking which always worked out to be a dumpster that was never as useful as it seemed.

I save notes and links to text files on my local computer. So far, that has outlasted delicious, Evernote, and probably whatever else comes along. PowerShell’s Select-String does a good job of finding stuff later.

I also keep track of links and notes that I can search with a keyboard shortcut I cribbed from Luke Smith: [GrapheneOS] How to set Mojeek as the default search engine in Vanadium - #9 by gnome

I move the file between computers using git. I’ve been using this for over a year now and really like it. The really long notes are in a separate local git repository. I actually have about 35,000 words worth of notes I’ve accumulated over the past 2 years…

I think social bookmarking was before my time. Before the current snippets method, I used Firefox’s bookmarks, but never got as much use out of them as I have with snippets.

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