Google Is Killing Retro Dodo & Other Independent Sites


I thought I would share this article. It’s not entirely surprising, yet still sad to see how Google is transforming their Search product into something that’s bad for their users and independent websites, and only benefits themselves and a handful of other big tech conglomerates.

It also seems like using Google is no longer browsing the web, it’s browsing Google, since they’re heavily limiting reasons for people to leave the search page with AI generated answers from crawled websites.

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Yeah I caught this shortly after someone who I’m mutuals with on Mastodon posted this:

(good piece btw, I didn’t have a PS2 though but some of these titles I’ve played elsewhere)

It’s a real shame that so much stuff is so heavily dependent upon one source of information, one which seems to change things so radically with so many downstream effects; livelihoods here quite clearly are at stake.

Most of the websites that have not seen a decline in traffic are owned and operated by huge media companies.

giants :handshake: monolith

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There is an opportunity here.

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Hello there,

In my opinion it is unfortunate to see Google’s actions affecting independent sites like Retro Dodo. It is a blow to diversity in content.

Do you think this will have a lasting impact on independent websites?