General Updates


Search Engine Results Page snippets have had an improvement to UI. They’re now a bit wider and the spacing is a bit better.

On top of this, the URL is broken down, and sits above the rest, you can turn off in preferences if you’d like (under Search Results).


We’ve updated the Pale Moon support page, which now informs people that we’re on their preselected list.

We’ve added the 5bn page milestone to the timeline on these pages: Technology / About Page - we passed that a while back, but were so wrapped up in internal celebrations that it never got added to these places. Next stop 6bn!

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I changed my preferences to put the title back on top. I like having the clickable link there:

Mojeek search result with title on top.


Mojeek search result with link on top. This is the new default.


Same here. Title back on top.

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