General bit of positive feedback

I switched to using Mojeek on my phone (my main device) a couple of days ago and it’s working pretty well.

I’ve been using it organically for real, when I need to find something - rather than just playing with it out of curiosity - and it usually gets me what I need without any fuss. I don’t feel a burning need to change back and have made very little use of the “elsewhere” options.

The only big thing I’ve tweaked is turning the default image search to Bing, but I think changing the default to something like Openverse would be good enough for 99% of my image searching needs.

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Hi @Jags,

Funny you say that, we’re looking at updating our image providers, and Openverse is one which is on the list for me to look at. This is in the works as we speak, so not too much longer! I can’t guarantee Openverse will be one we use, but it’s looking like a strong contender.

We’ll keep you updated, also going to tag @Josh for reference.