First impressions

i assume &ac=test param is still relevant???

interesting - my first thought was, what the hell would i use this for? when i search for something i usually want to see a variety of results, not ‘filter bubble’ myself, however the immediate value i soon saw is being able to create a ‘general’ template with no sites in ‘Sites to Search’ or ‘Exceptions’, then add exceptions for sites i don’t want to see when doing searches

however after playing around a bit i think i will likely find value beyond that in the near future for specialized searches

initial issues i see are (let us know if you want a new thread for each issue)…

  1. unable to delete a single template? it seems it’s all or nothing

  2. need to allow more chars for the template name - this is slightly problematic if you want to create a template for ‘’ to search only that domain - i think all alpha num chars and spaces would be sufficient (with a sanity check for only spaces of course)

  3. i like clean looking web UI’s, however i’m wondering about the implementation of Focus - might it be better to display the buttons all the time and highlight what template is in use, thus avoiding the additional click to select a template each time a search is performed???

this could be done simply by adding a ‘Sticky’ checkbox on the .c_shortcuts-autocomplete.sf1 DIV which would make it always visible (and reposition it smartly)

more to follow i’m sure, but i like what i’m seeing and i like thinking about how it can be used in ways other than those i’m imagining so far

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is there a need for the ‘Focus UI’ option in the Focus dashboard? i’m guessing that anyone that creates a template might want to always be able to access it from the search page, plus it’s very unobtrusive anyway

Yep, in tandem with development of this we’re also looking at aglo improvements, if anything crops up with that then we’re also interested.

Not an issue/thing to raise but comments like this are very helpful; everyone at Mojeek has tested it and ways of using it are pretty varied, knowing the breadth of what it’s useful for is invaluable.

On this do you mean you can’t delete or turn off the Mojeek Focus Defaults? here:

Or that after creating 1 template you cannot get back to this clean screen?

For 2. 3. and the Focus UI comment, issues have been raised :pray:

You are correct, on the dashboard you can’t do that. It’s on the list to add. You can however do it within the Focus set-up, see Delete button in the example below.

The current Focus is shown in Bold but it might displayed better. If you do another search it will use whatever is your current Focus by default. So you only need addtional clicks if you want to switch to another Focus.

it is? i’m not seeing that

i created 2 templates, both with no sites added - styling for both is the same…

.foc-check ~ .popover ul li a, .popover-trigger ~ .popover ul li a {
  white-space: nowrap;
  display: block;
  padding: 8px 16px;
  color: #f3f3f3 !important;


ah, yes :slight_smile:

i was purposely trying to play with Focus without looking too closely at it - as if i were just anyone in a hurry to get something done

This how it looks to me on Firefox; Blogs being the curent Focus; bolded but not bold enough
Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 16.52.47

Which browser?

Firefox v100, JS allowed - let me retest with a fresh profile and i’ll get back

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i think a border for the Focus menu would better make the menu stand out from the page…

border: 1px solid gray;