EU to Free Windows from Bing

After reading the article, I’m a bit cautious about the details especially Windows treating web search as an app. This only effects the EU but maybe other search engines can get some little bit of traction.


It is neat to see this in action. I think this is related to the Digital Services Act and will affect 19 large platforms:

Five of the 19 platforms are run by Google, specifically YouTube, Google Search, the Google Play app and digital media store, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram are on the list, as are Amazon’s online store, Apple’s App Store, Microsoft’s Bing search engine, TikTok, Twitter, and Wikipedia.

These platforms were designated because they each reported having over 45 million active users in the EU as of February 17. The other listed platforms are Alibaba AliExpress, Booking .com, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and German online retailer Zalando.

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