Enterprise Browsers

I can’t stand Axios’ Smart Brevity, but somewhere in the article below is the vague idea that companies will start using “enterprise browsers”: siloed clones of Chromium.

My first thought is that a company’s data and proprietary apps should be properly secured. Creating a proprietary web browser seems less productive.

My second thought is, when my company had a SaaS, there would be features that worked on Chrome but not on Firefox and vice versa. A proprietary browser would only make those incompatibilities worse.

I’m also remembering PCoIP which impressed me when it came out. PCoIP is a remote desktop protocol which can disable copying: keeping company data secure. This solves some of the same problems as an enterprise browser would.

On the plus side, maybe Mojeek can get set as the default search engine in a new market segment.

Enterprise browsers offer the best of both worlds: They give IT teams the ability to monitor network traffic and block malicious files, and they give employees the ability to work from any device.

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