Discourse Falls Back to Google

I just want to give a heads-up to Mojeek that if your search produces no results, Discourse offers to search with Google:

I’m not sure how difficult it would be to switch that to searching with Mojeek.


Good spot here; I can see that the text itself is editable in the Admin panel, but not the actual functionality. I’m going to see if there’s a possibility of getting it switched out.

The question was asked here too, surprisingly few other posts asking about that functionality :cry:

In the interest of not pushing people from this forum to Google, this object is now

display: none;

I will be looking further into this to see if we can flip it out for Mojeek instead, as it’s a nice to have piece of functionality. Thanks again for the deep dive @mike :pray:

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After the recent Discourse update, I wanted to check on this issue. It seems there is no regression. No Google Search box is visible after the organic search results.

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