Disable autosuggestions!

I wonder if others like me also hate auto-suggestions rudely interrupting them when they type their search terms.
I switched to Mojeek for one single reason that it does not force auto suggestions on me. Other search engines made it impossible to disable auto-suggestions.
Please Mojeek keep it this way!


Hopefully, it stays that way.

In other cases, you also have the option of disabling JavaScript.

You can do that for specific websites with the NoScript extension.

Or, you can do that for an entire browser profile using a built-in setting.

chrome://settings/content/javascript > Don't allow sites to use JavaScript

about:config > javascript.enabled = false


I use uBlock Origin for disabling Javascript by default. That way, I don’t need to have a separate extension when I already have a content blocker.

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Thank you!
I am so happy to see the clean search window in mojeek without these search suggestions crawling around!

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Welcome @Avi, good to have you here.

Glad to hear that you’re enjoying this lack of suggestions; we’re not currently looking to introduce this functionality - but if we did it would not be impossible to disable :smile:

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