Different Results

Saturday, October 1, 2022 11:27:52 AM UTC

I performed a search for “css invisible” but I got different results between Vivaldi and Firefox. I’m using the test algorithm in both places.

In particular, I’m missing the “softdev” URL in Firefox.

I use DNS over HTTPS in Firefox.

I assume I’m hitting different Mojeek nodes.

Is this kind of variation to be expected?


One thought is that it looks like you might have number of results set differently in Preferences. I see 3 results from Perishablepress in Firefox and only 1 in Vivaldi.

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Thanks @Colin. The issue was the number of results per domain.

I set the number of results to unlimited si=0 in Firefox using a cookie.

But I’m using the default of 1 result per domain in Vivaldi.

Using the default setting in Firefox shows softdev on the first page.

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