Dictionary Focus Feedback

I have some feedback for the default Dictionary focus.

synonym.com is in the default Dictionary focus. But I don’t see it represented in these results:

Also, please add a British dictionary to the default Dictionary focus. I know of the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries.

I was trying to figure out if ‘lobby’ was commonly used in the UK but did not see the UK represented in the Dictionary focus.

I found the British tag at dictionary.com. But it would be helpful if there were clearly British results in the focus.

Thanks, @mike. Something odd with synonym.com, we’ll have to dig deeper. It’s there but not surfacing high up: word site:synonym.com - Mojeek Search

I agree with your comments. As it happens I was looking at this yesterday and added two more. Got distracted so did not complete nor test much but here it is:

{"My Dictionary":"i=dictionary.com,thefreedictionary.com,urbandictionary.com,vocabulary.com,merriam-webster.com,synonym.com,thesaurus.com,dictionary.cambridge.org,www.collinsdictionary.com"}

edit: actually those two not much help. We are blocked on one and few pages on the other. We’ll keep looking and happy to hear any contributions.

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