Deep Discovery on Mojeek

There may be a way to already do this and I just forgot.

Mojeek is better at finding less popular websites already compared to Goo or Bing. But what if you could display Mojeek’s results in reverse link popularity order, showing sites with the least MojeekRank for a query first? This would make deep discovery of obscure pages easier.

Because it occurs to me that part of the point of my directory, all those indie web and blog directories and small search engines like marginalia is to help discover the obscure, so how can Mojeek become even more useful at discovering the less popular or obscure pages than it is now?

I’ve played with the Millionshort search engine and there are dangers in going to far down, like running into a lot of abandoned pages that were infected with malware. Enough that I had to quit. My point is, I haven’t thought this all through and there may be downsides and upsides with this that I’m oblivious too. So I’ll let sharper minds work those out.

Just thinking out loud.

I don’t qualify under “sharper minds”, but I think Mojeek results should (ideally) be the kind that nobody would want to search in reverse. If Mojeek classifies a site as good, it should already be the kind of thing that you or I would hope to find, and if Mojeek does not classify a site as good, it really should be garbage.

When I search for something obscure, I don’t hope it’s unpopular – I just hope it’s found.