Crawling and Webmaster

Is there way to make mojeek crawl a site? And does mojeek has webmaster panel? Thanks in advance.

No to both. Mojeek used to have site submission but spam rendered if useless.

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Yep @Seirdy has it here, we don’t do manual adding and in the past the spam has been too much on the open submissions; from this blogpost

Mojeek automatically discovers websites during its crawl of the web, for this reason there is currently no way to manually submit your site to Mojeek. As other search engines do, Mojeek recommends getting prominent and genuine links to your site, this will help Mojeek and other search engines find and rank your website.

To check if your site is already listed, search for the exact domain name, ie. If Mojeek has already indexed the site it will be presented at the top of the results page, along with a search box enabling you to search within the site. We call this the “PageQuery” box, as it appears when an indexed page/URL is searched for. If the PageQuery box isn’t displayed, Mojeek has not yet come across the site, nor entered it into it’s search index.

If the site is displayed along with a PageQuery box, but there’s no title or snippet, just the URL. This could indicate Mojeek had a problem indexing the page, if this is the case, let us know and we’ll look into it.

I’m happy to quickly look into the site in question just in case there’s any issues. Just let me know what I’m looking at.

this brings up another Q:

does Mojeek make use of sitemaps, particularly regarding suggested indexing frequencies?

Hello @ItsMe

Backend dev at Mojeek here.

Currently we do not use sitemaps for URL discovery or indexing frequencies. There is ongoing work regarding crawl priority based on a page’s declared or inferred last modified time as well as how often we think it should be recrawled.

There is always the good old HTML sitemap which has the advantage of being useful to both humans and crawlers. Design it for your human visitors to help them find the best (and deeper) parts of your website. The crawlers will use it too.

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thanks for the reminder that i need to generate an HTML sitemap on my site, heh.

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