Could Someone Give me Recommendations for Reliable Online Learning Platforms?

Hello there,

I am looking for recommendations for reliable online learning platforms. With so many options available; it is a bit confusing to choose the right one. I am particularly interested in platforms that offer a wide range of courses; flexibility in scheduling; and preferably have a good track record of student satisfaction.

Whether it is for academic purposes; professional development; or just learning something new for personal enrichment; I am open to all suggestions. If you have had a positive experience with any online learning platform; I would love to hear about it.

Also, I have gone through this: which definitely helped me out a lot.

Also; if you have any tips on what to look for when choosing an online learning platform or any cautionary tales about platforms to avoid; please share your insights.

Thankyou in advance for your help and assistance.


I’ve used a handful of such platforms. I think it might depend on what you want to learn. Not to sound like a YouTuber, but Brilliant does have a nice presentation and an ok selection of courses. I also enjoyed the free CS50 courses and the activities proposed. Many of the other things I’ve had to try through work are for language learning and I’m reluctant to recommend because they are so similar. (I’ve used at least 10 over the past 18 years.)

A good learning solution should have spaced repetition and computerized adaptive testing that actually works and not just a path to follow from beginning to end.

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