Conversions feedback

The conversions functionality (e.g 10g in oz) is fantastic :slightly_smiling_face:

Couple of bits of feedback:

  • Can we please have support for liquid volumes like ml?

  • Can we please have support for currencies? I know this one’s harder because the exchange rate changes!

  • On my mobile, when the conversions box appears at the top of my results, I can then change the input number and select different things from the drop-downs. However, when I make changes, the output doesn’t recalculate?


Hi @Jags,

Thanks for the feedback for the weight conversions, I’m glad they’re working for you!

I’ll address your points in order:

  1. This is something we can add, absolutely. I’ll raise an issue internally for it.
  2. Currencies we do have an ongoing issue for - it’s something we want to do, but there’re several factors to consider but it’s underway!
  3. In regards to this, I know what you mean and think this will be a great addition to the conversion box. Again, I’ll get an issue raised my side for it.

Either myself or @Josh will keep you posted on these - they won’t be top of the list, in fact they’ll be further down for a while as we’re working on other things currently, but we’ll get to them as soon as we can.

Enjoy the rest of the day Jags, and once again, thanks for the feedback - and the suggestions!

Take care.


Hi Ash, thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Something that occurred to me since my post is, percentages might also be a nice addition. I know they aren’t unit conversions in the same way, but I often Google for terms like “23% of 2375” (without quotes) and really appreciate just getting the answer

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Hey @Jags,

Very good suggestion, I’ll mention it to @Josh and we’ll certainly look into it!


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