ChatOps ~~

I had not heard of this before. But there is apparently a trend of programming chat bots to execute runbooks with ephemeral credentials.

At GitHub, we use ChatOps to help us collaborate seamlessly. They’re implemented using our favorite chatbot, Hubot. Running a ChatOps command is similar to running commands on your terminal, except that teammates can see what you ran and see the results if the commands are invoked from Slack.

Zulip does support Hubot.

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due to micro$shaft’s acquisition of github, i try to steer developers away from the platform whenever i can - there are far more ethical git platforms out there, one being codeberg


I recently heard of ChatOps too, and it’s an interesting way to centralize operations. I can immediately think of a way to grep -rn . my way through documentation, and I can quickly use Ansible to run a playbook, but even though I would be doing these from the same terminal, I’d be switching in and out of directories. I can see why doing this all in a chat for this business’s infrastructure would be very convenient. And it has the added benefit (or detriment, depending on how you look at it) of keeping a history of what actions were run.

I do think, however, that this adds yet another layer of abstraction to system administration that leaves you thinking even less about the underlying systems. But if the focus is on programmers—not sysadmins, who should have an intimate knowledge of the underlying systems—doing something routine, I can see why that abstraction is worthwhile.

I’m fond of Sourcehut, myself. Works entirely without Javascript, has a very simple interface (though perhaps somewhat confusing the first time you use it as it intentionally breaks away from the Github paradigm), with an interesting focus on email-based git workflows (as git was originally designed for).

An interesting feature is that you can interact with bug trackers and other parts of the site without an account, just by sending an email. It’s free software like Codeberg.


yeah, Alicia lists SourceHut in her guide - i haven’t used it, but i just loaded up the domain and it’s not pulling anything from 3rd parties

Two issues for inclusion of Mojeek, ready in a PR and still waiting, guessing she’s waiting for anyone to come and say something if they disagree.