Challenges for meta-search engines

The new AI-powered search options pose challenges to many companies, not only the big tech ones that are building AI chatbots. I’ve found this article from Wired to be interesting:


In the article, Christian Kroll (Founder and CEO of Ecosia) is openly mentioning that they’re looking to expand their search providers (if not completely change them) because Microsoft is increasing their prices. This made me wondering whether Mojeek might be a viable partner for Ecosia? To me, this seems like it could be a win-win situation for all parties involved:

  • Ecosia gets an extra search provider with its own, independent index that is also privacy-friendly
  • Mojeek gets an extra API customer, increasing your revenue
  • Mojeek might also get some extra publicity by more mainstream outlets and mentions on Ecosia web pages.
  • Everyone that uses Ecosia (20 million people according to Wired) get search results that are don’t (always) come from Big Tech and are more private. With Google as a search provider, Ecosia will be showing personalized search results, as they have pointed out in an answer to a question under their Instagram post.

There has to be a big opportunity here, because heck there are not a lot of places to go.

That said, I think everyone is on hold waiting for the US vs Google anti-trust lawsuit verdict.

Gosh, it would be really cool if Ecosia started using Mojeek.

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