Business Reviews

I just left an online review for a business.

Has Mojeek considered allowing users to post business reviews? This might add value for businesses looking to advertise on Mojeek.

It might be worth looking to see what authentication schemes FIDO2 allows. It might be possible to set up an authentication scheme where all the personal details are optional. Then, if someone chooses to leave their contact information blank, they will just have fewer recovery options. For example, they might only be able to recover their account with a spare YubiKey that they previously registered.


Some deep dark waters there in online reviews.


We definitely want to eventually provide something more comprehensive when it comes to business listings, and this is an area in which something less susceptible to manipulation than the current Google reviews could be implemented. It’s not something we’re currently looking at but definitely deserves some thinking.

A system which was pro-privacy but also stopped some of the problematic aspects of what Google have would be great. Thanks for this suggestion.

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