Browsers and Mojeek

I was just trying to unsuccessfully write a blog post about search engines and browsers teaming up and procrastinating playing with Falkon browser and I remembered this post about Mojeek allying with other browsers.

Now Mojeek has had some very good news being added to Privacy Browser and Pale Moon as a predefined search engine. So what other browser projects are out there? It seems like there browsers are getting gobbled up by search companies. But also the list at Wikipedia seems incomplete.

KDE, Konqueror
KDE Falkon - DDG is default in US, also lists Startpage, Wikipedia and Google. No way to add an SE.

Gnome Web Browser -

iCab - macOS

Are there others worth thinking about?

Which Wikipedia list?

There are a couple of browsers I’ve heard of that are not on that list: ie. Privacy Browser (mentioned before) Bromite, LibreWolf. Which got me thinking what other browser projects are out there and not listed? Maybe you folks have.

Which relates to this thread. I asked for other browsers so that this list can act like notes on a cocktail napkin. The Mojeek team can then do what they want with it.

I just have this hunch that being at least a preinstalled alternate on as many browsers as possible can only be a good thing for branding, users, privacy and search choice.

Edit: Added LibreWolf

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Phone Browsers - a privacy search engine for privacy phones.

Own browser. Comes with Spot, an /e/ fork of Searx as default (I question if scraping is sustainable). DDG lite, DDG reg., Qwant are alternates. This is a heavy reliance on Bing.

Aside: Mojeek Android app has the highest rating 10/10 for privacy in the eOS App Lounge store DDG, Qwant, Swiss Cows only rate 9/10. Bragging point.

Pine Phone

Comes with Linux installed. UI is KDE Plasma

KDE Angelfish browser on Plasma - DDG might be default from the screen shots. others unknown

Purism Librem 5

PureOS (Linux)
Browser is just desktop Firefox. (This may mean it’s a dead end.)

Absolute gold there, my Android device (which was carrying /e/) decided it didn’t want to work any more) so I wasn’t aware.

I have my own list here that I’m making contact with on a regular basis, and which I will definitely update with the ones here which are missing. As mentioned before, the FOSS projects are a bit more tricky as we don’t want to approach them in a way that might put them off.

Some recent updates in this vein:

White Star / Commit
[A]n independent browser derived from Firefox/Mozilla community code

SerenityOS / Pull Request
A graphical Unix-like operating system for desktop computers!


recent updates

Congratulations! @Seirdy 's article on search engines with their own indexes is a gem as a citation. People, even developers, are very cautious about search engines and seem to want authoritative reassurance that a search engine is legit and useful.


Agreed on that one, the article appears in so many places, git commits, Reddit comments, HackerNews posts; it’s great to see that it gets the airing that it deserves, especially given the obvious effort that has been put into providing this level of analysis.


Waterfox which was acquired by System1 around 40 months ago, has returned to its indepedent roots as posted here:

Does anyone here use it?
Does anyone contribute?


I tested it prior to System 1 buying it and it was okay, but not compelling enough to lure me away from Vivaldi.

If you do need a browser based on Mozilla’s rendering engine it is worth trying and heck since it’s free it’s worth trying.

Maybe Waterfox will add Mojeek as a search engine choice now that they are free from System 1.

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