Are Search Engines "Deleting" the Web? (Blog)

A bit of a different one this, but we noticed that there was a considerable limit happening to how far you could get in the results of other engines and metas. Google frequently stops you around 300, Bing just cycles pages, and the metas using Bing’s index let you scroll down to a point and then just have a hard stop.

The discourse that has cropped up around this is interesting, as many people have questions and theories about why it’s happening elsewhere. We can’t comment on why this occurs on Google, on Bing, on Yandex, on Brave etc. but I thought it would be an interesting thing to dive into from a Mojeek perspective.

The article also contains a method for getting more than Mojeek’s limit: Are Search Engines "Deleting" the Web? | Mojeek Blog

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Good article. I think you have identified a weak spot in the competition: they might have really big indexes but they only will let you see a small fraction of it.

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