Apple Antitrust Lawsuit

By the time this makes it out of the courts, these technologies won’t be relevant anymore.

We need the government to enforce the laws all the time. Launching a lawsuit at the end of a product lifecycle is a bullshit move.

[The suit] specifically seeks to stop Apple from undermining technologies that compete with its own apps — in areas including streaming, messaging and digital payments — and prevent it from continuing to craft contracts with developers, accessory makers and consumers that let it “obtain, maintain, extend or entrench a monopoly.”


The problem seems to be more of the lack of laws regulating the tech industry and internet. It’s just in recent years that EU started scrutinizing them, America has been really slow in catching up, and the rest of the world barely has any laws to check them. This results in the industry being a sort of wild, wild west, with rampant criminal activities and buyers beware scenario.

Though this isn’t surprising as technology evolves much faster than the replacement rate of lawmakers. In our country, we even have lawmakers that haven’t move on from bar phones lol. There’s an urgent need to elect younger lawmakers, those who have lived with technology and have high awareness of its issues, or at least those that have an open mind, willing to listen to tech experts.

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