API Access

I’ve developed a proof of concept for a text-only search and preview service. This is not intended to replace general search engines, but serves both to preview the main content of remote sites (saving time and bandwidth) and to bypass censorship in some jurisdictions.
However, the default search provider is Brave and while it’s better than Google or Bing, it still filters out or downgrades many alternative media sites. I find Mojeek gives fairer results on many controversial topics and would love to use your API. I filled in the form and have yet to hear back about rates or access.
The demo site is at https://www.text-surf.info/
I’m using a mix of static page Web scraping (with Rust) and headless Chromium for sites requiring Javascript or advanced cookie management. Remote pages are cached temporarily via Redis. As it defaults to static page scraping, you may often have to click to load the full-fat version.

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Hello, I’m a frequent poster here. While I can’t account for your experience with the web form, I just wanted to point out that Mojeek is on UK time. So, you probably won’t get a reply on the forum before tomorrow. Hopefully, someone will reach out then. Regards, @mike

Hello and welcome @neilg63, @Colin is the person who deals with these kinds of requests, I’ll send this thread his way :pray:

Hello @neilg63. Thanks for getting in touch and interest in the API. For whatever reason we’ve not received the form response. Can you send me an email colin(at)mojeek(dot)com and I can send you details of the API rates and access? Assuming you are interested I can get you you an API for the free trial version and then you can at least try it out.