Android 12 Motorola Play store app -- Next Button

I Don’t know why, but I have the hardest time advancing through search result pages, the Next Button seems on obnoxiously difficult to tap, which leads to such an annoying experience every 10 results as to probably loose me as a user for good. I’m sorry guys, great idea, but one small thing like that can literally kill your user base…:disappointed:

Hello and welcome @Eric_Enlow. I can add this into our things to look into, and if you have/are able to give more details via DM or emailing into then that would help.

This being said there are a fair few other things which are priorities currently; as Mojeek is built with being mobile-first in mind, it might be better for you to try using it through a browser rather than our Play Store App.

You can find a guide on how to add Mojeek to different Android browsers here: Add Mojeek To Your Smartphone - this includes Privacy Browser, for which we are the default option already (and so all you need to do is download the browser itself). I’m happy to help if you need further assistance there.