altTech - a web directory

pimping my own creation here

altTech promotes privacy oriented resources including information, services, hardware and software

many of the sites listed are not so well known which is kind of the goal - i’m not really interested in promoting sites that are hugely popular

the directory is in its infancy so if you have something to add, let me know - you can post here or contact me from the submissions page

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Is your site offline?

yes, sorry - server trouble - should be back up in ~10m

it’s up again

not an addition in terms of content but I’ll add that the shopping section is very useful :pray:

thanks Josh!

my primary motivation for creating the directory…

Hardware and firmware threats and potential solutions -

if you ever have any contribs, feel free

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This is ridiculously thorough and is now nested in my bookmarks for all and any technologists who suggest that I’m sensationalising.

It’s such a tiny part but this interrelation is seldom reinforced enough:

Privacy, and thus freedom

I need to make sure I’m running it properly, but my travel laptop is a PineBook Pro; I’d chosen this mainly for it being a unit I’m not so worried about losing or breaking, and its battery being long-lasting and also charge-able via a battery pack. I guess this choice is now vindicated in another way :smile: