Alphabetically Sorted Results

I was searching for a definition on The definition I was looking for was not returned as the first result. And, I was frustrated because the remaining results were not in alphabetical order. It was difficult to tell if my definition was present elsewhere within the results.

I know that Mojeek is based on lexical search which means that the algorithm matches spelling instead of meaning or intent.

Would it be possible to add a search operator, ex. sort:true, that sorted the results in alphabetical order?

I still want the algorithm to return the most relevant results. What I am asking is for the results on each page to be sorted alphabetically by page title.

I think this would help in my case. And it might be useful for lexical searching in general.

In particular, I use a large number of “results per page” in my Mojeek settings. So, I could check for my definition in one spot on each result page. And, after checking a few pages, I would have quickly scanned the first one hundred results.

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i can see where that could come in handy, however sorting could be very useful for other things too, so sort:true might be better expressed as sort:alpha

i’m thinking of stuff like…

sort:indexed (sort by most recently indexed)
sort:region (sort by country)


I will add it into the list we look at for requests, I’m guessing given your wordnik mention that a site: search or Focus with this sorting is how you’d probably use it?

In this case I was using:


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