AI Safety Board 🚓

Don’t worry. Sam Altman and Sundar Pichai are in charge of AI safety.

Critics like Gebru worry that the tech industry’s outsized influence on the AI Safety and Security Board may lead to policies that prioritize the interests of large corporations over the public good. This could potentially stifle innovation, perpetuate existing biases, and leave critical voices unheard in discussions that shape the future of AI development and governance.



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I did make a mistake. This article relates to the US’s Department of Homeland Security.

Switching to network operations, large companies which surveil the internet for things like denial-of-service have coordinated with the federal government.

So, perhaps the scope of the Safety Board is limited to immediate, national disruptions.

However, the point stands. Having powerful AI corporations giving advice is an obvious conflict of interest. To the extent that policy is influenced by this group, they will not address any of the legitimate concerns of the public.