Accessibility issues in Mojeek

First off: Mojeek is more accessible than some other engines I’ve tried. I’m planning on editing my search engines list to include accessibility information in the coming months (after contacting the engines about accessibility issues, giving them a chance to improve first), and Mojeek fares a bit better than most. However, there’s still some work to do:

  • The “clear” button in the search box needs a text label
  • The settings and region icons are not keyboard-focusable and do not have interactive semantics. They should have a button role or be <button> labels.
  • The duration (Results 1 to 10 from N in 0.01s) should be a <time> element so it can be translated or processed more accurately by screen readers.
  • Landmark roles would be appreciated. This can be done with HTML (<header>, <main>, <aside>, <footer>, <section>, etc.) or their corresponding ARIA roles.
  • The “News Results” widget in the sidebar should be contained in a landmark.

This is one of the areas where I actually recommend using Google and Bing as reference; making the layout similarly navigable would be helpful, to reduce the learning curve. I do love the fact that your SERPs aren’t too “noisy” and cluttered with extra elements, though.

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Cool. Thanks for sharing. @Tom wrote this article for GAAD last week, in case you missed it.

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Thanks @Seirdy. Accessibilty feedback is always useful and those are excellent points. I am in agreement that those changes should be implemented and will look to get those sorted soon.