A proposal for opening up this space

When we put this community together we initially went for making it so that people had to log in to see what’s being discussed; there was no particular motivation behind this decision, just a case of ticking a box, or keeping a box ticked.

It has been suggested that we’d likely bring more people in for productive chats about search, privacy, alternative technology etc. if we made it so that the content of the Discourse was viewable without logging in, but keep the barrier of an account/login for posting (I’m unsure if there’s any other way of doing that).

I can see the value in it, but I wouldn’t want to flick that switch without people saying they’re happy with it, so let’s use that poll functionality:

  • I am happy with removing login to view posts
  • I am not happy with removing login to view posts

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Thanks for this; the space is now visible without login, but you still have to log in in order to post/like etc.

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