403 error on any search I try to do (Problem successfully fixed!)

I can clear the cache or try using several different browsers, but no matter what I do I can’t do absolutely any searches on mojeek. The only way I found is to use a VPN to change my IP address, but when I turn it off it shows the 403 error again. It’s as if mojeek banned my IP, but how could I have been banned if I have never used this search engine before? I discovered mojeek a few days ago and I simply fell in love with it, it’s an excellent search engine, but unfortunately I can’t use it with my normal internet network for some reason I don’t know, can you help me please?

My IP Address:

(This problem was fixed today, February 28th, now I can do any research normally, thank you everyone for the great support and for being able to resolve the problem.)

is this a residential IP provided by your ISP?

that IP is blacklisted by the following:

Spamhaus ZEN

you can check it here

we’re still looking into this @Zentrox1337, apologies; thanks @itsMe for that context :pray:

Yes, it is a public IP provided by my internet provider, it is shared between several different users from several homes. It’s like a residential building with just 1 address.