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I just had somebody make a new button for my site so he could add it to his button wall on his blog.

I hands-on review a heck of a lot of personal websites and I can tell you that buttons and button walls are spreading from static retroweb sites to personal blogs.

Most popular are the old 88x31 buttons (which frankly I can barely read) and slightly larger sized support buttons like the old “Best Viewed in Netscape Navigator” buttons.

Frankly, I’ve been amazed by how many websites have put up my old button - which was the ugliest button on the Web. These kind folks are not afraid to support what they like and believe in. And they like building button walls. And people click on those things.

My suggestion for Mojeek is get a couple of decent buttons made. One of each size. Go to Fiver if you have to. Then put them on your Link to Us page. Spend 20 pounds and see if you can build more grass roots eyeballs and WOM support.

I’ve probably posted this before. Dunno. But it’s worth repeating.


I’ll put it on my task list, I’ve seen a fair few of these out on the web, especially when browsing webrings.

If you’ve got any choice examples then it’s always good to see some ahead of trying to do the process itself. No worries if not :smile:

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Not my site but if you scroll down there is a nice buttonwall that isn’t too huge.

If you want more, I think, has a buttonwall - but he’s closed on Mondays. LOL!

My 2 cents: since it’s graphical go for branding “Mojeek” and if you can fit it in “privacy”.

Thanks Josh!

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Just some early stuff with old logos just to get a general feel for this.




More to come :smile:

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Realised that for anyone seeing these, more information might be of interest. In this piece and towards the bottom you can find a bundle of these older logos used by us, if that’s of interest to you :smile:

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I do like seeing the older logos. Marc really did a good job with those.

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I didn’t think to refer back and look at the privacy suggestion :man_facepalming: but whilst I was without internet but with computer over the weekend I got four more out

design5 design3
design6 design4

I will think on how these could be used, as you said linking to us works, any other ideas I am all ears :pray:


Those are great Josh! Can we use these now, or should we wait for official unveiling?

For ideas on other sizes, Vivaldi has multiple size buttons. The 180x50 size works nice on modern screens for non-traditionalists. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

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I can’t see why not! I might iterate once more on that Google squash to get rid of the corner lines, but aside from that these look good.

Thanks! Hehe, now I have to make a choice and pick one to put on my sidebar as if I was a real blogger. I might have to go with an animated GIF just to have one spot of movement on the site and catch the eye.

@Josh I hope you will put these on a page somewhere on the website so I can write a blog post about it for both of my readers. I do think some webmasters collect buttons and it will be fun too tell them about it. I just need something to link to.