Keyboard/Navigation Shortcuts

Hey Dev Team!

I recently stumbled across Mojeek and it seems to be everything I was searching for - great job! This may have already been discussed (apologies if it has), but is there any plan to implement DDG style navigation shortcuts? For instance, VIM bindings (h+j+k+l) and quick search (’/’) are implemented out of the box in DDG, which is a really awesome addition for those of us that use some form of window/tiling manager.

Just a thought, as I’m sure there are a few users out there like me that tend to have more “keyboard focused” workflows. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Howdy and welcome @graybeard, I’ll add it in to be looked at; I think at some point @mike had something which may have been related in terms of a request, but I cannot remember where.

We’ve had a few requests of recent that are kind of related to looking at Mojeek from I guess what I’d call a nonstandard usage perspective (no offence meant by that phrasing but I’m struggling for what exactly to call it). One of these was terminal-based / non-GUI browsing improvements and that also sparked a want to dig into this a bit further. Thanks for joining and the suggestion :pray:

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Welcome @graybeard

I mentioned DuckDuckGo keyboard navigation tangentially in my thread about Result Numbering.

I didn’t ask for keyboard navigation. Instead, my issue was simply marking my progress through a set of search results. I worked around my issue by creating a User Script which is linked at the bottom of that thread.

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